South Dakota Municipal League: Who We Are & What We Do

Who We Are

The South Dakota Municipal League (SDML) was organized in 1934 as a nonpartisan, nonprofit association of incorporated municipalities in South Dakota.

The League’s mission is the cooperative improvement of municipal government in South Dakota. A vote of the members at the annual conference determines the League’s major policies. A nineteen-member governing body elected from among the members carries the responsibility of implementing these policies. A full-time executive director and staff administer the policies in their service to all members. By cooperating through the League, South Dakota municipalities provide themselves with a strong research program and an effective legislative voice.

The League’s primary source of financing comes through the membership dues cities, towns, and affiliated organizations pay. The dues payments are based on population. Other League-sponsored activities and the sale of publications help generate additional revenue.

What We Do

Problem Solving
Perhaps the most widely used service is individualized problem solving assistance. Municipal officials may contact the League office with any question or problem. A library of extensive municipal information and experience covering years of city history is at every member’s disposal through the League hotline. From Americans with Disability Act to zoning, the League staff is ready and willing to help you with any problem.

Each month, officials of member municipalities receive South Dakota Municipalities, the official magazine of the SDML. The magazine contains articles on legislation, court decisions, attorney general opinions, and issues that affect municipal operations on a daily basis. Member municipalities may place classified ads in the magazine and on the League website at no charge.

The Handbook for South Dakota Municipal Officials was developed with municipal officials in mind. The handbook represents the most complete and authoritative digest of South Dakota municipal laws available. The handbook remains current through staff-compiled annual updates.

Other Publications available include:

Publication Order Form

The League also provides an online salary survey. The  Salaries, Wages and Fringe Benefits Policies of SD Municipalities can be found at This online version allows municipalities to edit, view and print their data as well as being able to do basic or detailed wage comparisons any time.

Legislative Advocacy
The legislative program is a predominant activity for the SDML. Throughout the year, the League staff works closely with legislators and committees toward the enactment of laws favorable to municipal governments. The League is the recognized legislative voice for South Dakota municipalities.

Municipal officials meet regularly at the SDML Annual Conference and at ten district meetings. These forums provide training in city government, as well as an opportunity to exchange ideas and hear outstanding speakers on municipal affairs. Further, the League sponsors or co-sponsors a number of training schools, programs and special meetings, including:

  • Governmental Finance Officers’ School
  • Governmental Human Resource School
  • Elected Officials’ Workshop
  • Election Schools
  • Annual Report Workshops

Visit the Events section for all meetings and details.

State-Local Relations
As more programs shift from the federal level to the state and local level, a strong relationship with state officials has gained significance. The League acts as a liaison between municipal, county, and state governments to help meet this need. The League helps coordinate contacts between municipal and state officials.

National Affairs
As a member of the National League of Cities (NLC), SDML is able to cooperate with the NLC and 48 other state leagues on matters of national interest. This membership makes available to the South Dakota Municipal League the publications and library of NLC and brings valuable assistance and information on federal regulations and programs, as well as congressional representation.

Financial assistance
The South Dakota Municipal League has created, sponsored, and endorsed several programs to assist municipalities with cash management and investments, and with rising liability and insurance costs.

SDML sponsors three risk sharing pools. The SDML Workers’ Compensation Fund was created in 1987. The South Dakota Public Assurance Alliance (SDPAA) provides liability and property coverage. The Health Pool of South Dakota (HPSD) was created July 1, 1995.

In 1991 the League endorsed the South Dakota Public Funds Investment Trust (FIT). This program assists local governments with their cash management and investment needs. Municipalities are using the FIT program as their tool for highly competitive rates, excellent service, flexible cash management options, sound investment advice, and a growing return on their funds. The FIT program representative can be reached at 800-658-3633.

Affiliate Members
Several affiliate organizations enjoy the advantage of being members of the South Dakota Municipal League. These organizations hold their meetings at the League’s Annual Conference and receive SDML staff support. Affiliates include:

South Dakota Municipal League Staff

Yvonne Taylor, Executive Director

Sandi Larson, Director of Risk Sharing Services

Lori Martinec, Director of Research and Training

Chris Hill, Director of Electric Services

Sara Rankin, Director of Marketing and Communications

Lori Butler, Director of Finance

Carla McGregor, Accounting Assistant

Lisa Nold, Office Manager

Judy Payne, SD Public Assurance Alliance Executive Director

Kristina Peterson, SD Public Assurance Alliance Director of Underwriting

Lynn Bren, SD Public Assurance Alliance Director of Member Services

Paytra Nichols, SD Public Assurance Alliance Underwriter

Jerry Krambeck, SD Public Assurance Alliance Member Services Representative

Deb Corkill, SD Public Assurance Alliance Executive Assistant

Contact the League:

South Dakota Municipal League
208 Island Drive
Ft. Pierre, SD  57532

Member Hotline: 1-800-658-3633

SD Municipal League Districts

Cities by District

District Map

District 1: All incorporated municipalities within Marshall, Day, Clark, Roberts, Grant, Codington, Hamlin, and Deuel counties.

District 2: All incorporated municipalities within Beadle, Kingsbury, Brookings, Sanborn, Miner, Lake, and Moody counties.

District 3: All incorporated municipalities within Hanson, McCook, Minnehaha, Hutchinson, Turner, Lincoln, Bon Homme, Yankton, Clay, and Union counties.

District 4: All incorporated municipalities within Tripp, Gregory, Charles Mix, Douglas, Brule, Aurora, and Davison counties.

District 5: All incorporated municipalities within Sully, Hyde, Hand, Hughes, Lyman, Buffalo, and Jerauld counties.

District 6: All incorporated municipalities within McPherson, Brown, Edmunds, Faulk, and Spink counties.

District 7: All incorporated municipalities within Corson, Campbell, Ziebach, Dewey, Walworth, and Potter counties.

District 8: All incorporated municipalities within Haakon, Stanley, Jackson, Jones, Mellette, Bennett, and Todd counties.

District 9: All incorporated municipalities within Pennington, Custer, Fall River, and Shannon counties.

District 10: All incorporated municipalities within Harding, Perkins, Butte, Meade, and Lawrence counties.

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