Ordinance Codification

The South Dakota Municipal League and American Legal Publishing are proud to present the South Dakota Model Code of Ordinances.  This joint publication consists of state law provisions and model ordinances that cover a wide range of municipal subjects.  With the Basic Code, your municipality can have the benefit of a code of ordinances without paying a substantial cost for a code book or using your valuable time creating your own customized code.  The bottom line?  Codification is now affordable for small and mid-sized South Dakota municipalities.  For more information about this exciting new service, see below.


  • Complete model code of ordinances designed with small and mid-sized municipalities in mind.
  • Based on shared cost - South Dakota municipalities can enjoy the benefits of codification without the substantial cost of a customized code.


  • Up to now, it was costly and time consuming to review your ordinances and create a local municipal code book that is organized and up-to-date with South Dakota Codified Laws.
  • You will have an organized and up-to-date code book, which is based on South Dakota Law and is updated annually incorporating state law enactments, deletions, and amendments.
  • You will have easy access to various ordinance provisions, which will assist in enforcement.
  • Provisions will not be redundant.


  • The South Dakota Basic Code contains provisions on subjects typically encountered by municipalities, including:

Administration                   Traffic Regulations
Streets and Sidewalks        Nuisances
General Offenses                Business Regulations
Regulations                        Taxation
Animal Regulations             Fire Prevention
And much more...


  • The South Dakota Basic Code includes a Title devoted specifically to your unique ordinances so you can incorporate those provisions.
  • We will review your ordinances and include in the code book only those provisions which are current; all of your provisions that have been repealed will be excluded. You will have a code book based on current South Dakota laws as well as current local provisions.


  • By subscribing to and adopting the South Dakota Basic Code for a low price of $695, your municipality can have all of your important ordinances in one easy-to-use loose leaf binder.
  • There is a comprehensive index in the basic code and if you include your own ordinances, there will be a comprehensive index for your provisions.
  • There is a parallel reference table, which will reference sections in which state law is cited.  You will have a parallel reference for your local provisions, showing the sections in which your ordinances and prior code provisions appear, as well as state law provisions.
  • The South Dakota Basic Code is updated annually for a cost of $300.
  • You can also purchase Folio Views, search and retrieval software, containing the Basic Code provisions and your local ordinances.


  • For more information on the basic code, pricing, and Folio Views, please contact deRicci Getty at American Legal Publishing at (800) 445-5588 or dgetty@amlegal.com or the South Dakota Municipal League at 1-800-658-3633.
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