At least one day before the election  The Finance Officer must deliver the precinct registration lists to the local election officials. (SDCL 12-4-24; See Hdbk., sec. 7.170) 

Second Tuesday of April – Annual elections for the officers of a municipality are required to be held. (SDCL 9-13-1; See Hdbk., sec. 7.050) A municipality may combine its election with a school district election and hold this election on the school election date (third Tuesday in June) or on the first Tuesday in June, or in conjunction with the June primary. (SDCL 9-13-1.1; 9-13-37; 9-13-6) 

Second Tuesday in April – The consolidated board of equalization meets and completes equalization in no more than three weeks. (SDCL 10-11-66 through 10-11-76; See Hdbk., sec. 12.120) 

Within two days after the election is declared – The finance officer must notify all persons elected to office. The officials elected to office then have ten days after the first meeting of the month next succeeding the election to qualify for the office by filing an oath or affirmation of office. (SDCL 9-13-28) If the governing body chooses an election day other than the second Tuesday of April, as provided in SDCL 9-13, that Election Day must be established by January 14 of the election year. (SDCL 9-13-1) 

Within seven days following the election – Election returns are to be canvassed. (SDCL 9-13-24; See Hdbk., sec. 7.600)

Three weeks from Election Day – If a municipality has passed an ordinance requiring a secondary election and no candidate in a race involving three or more candidates receives a majority of the votes cast, a secondary election shall be held three weeks from the date of the first election. Provisions for tie votes in the first election are also provided for. The person receiving the highest number of votes at the secondary election is elected. (SDCL 9-13-26.1; See Hdbk., sec. 7.600) 

June elections – Follow the Municipal Election Calendar for all election deadlines.

Last updated 7/11/2016
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