On or before September 1 – The finance officer must report annually to the governing body an estimate of the expenses of the municipality and likewise the revenue necessary to be raised for the current year in budget form similar to that recommended by the municipal accounting manual as provided in SDCL 4-11-6. (SDCL 9-22-23; See Hdbk., sec. 12.065)

On or before September 1 – If the number of on-sale and off-sale liquor licenses is not fixed by ordinance, the governing body may determine by resolution the number of on-sale and off-sale liquor licenses and the fees to be charged for each. (SDCL 35-4-11; See Hdbk., sec. 11.205)

First Monday of September – Labor Day – State holiday (SDCL 1-5-1)

At the first regular meeting in September, or within ten days thereafter – The annual appropriation ordinance for the ensuing year must be introduced. (SDCL 9-21-2; See Hdbk., sec. 12.066)

On or before October 1 – The governing board of any municipality may, on or before the first of October preceding the annual municipal election, approve an ordinance requiring a secondary election as found in SDCL 9-13-27.1 and SDCL 9-13-26.1 (SDCL 9-13-25; See Hdbk., sec. 7.600)

On or before October 1 – Immediately upon passage and publication of the annual appropriation ordinance, the auditor or clerk must certify the tax levies contained therein to the county auditor on or before October first in the following form:
     For general purposes_______________________________
     For interest and debt service fund_____________________
(SDCL 9-21-20 and SDCL 10-12-7; See Hdbk., sec. 12.066)

Boundary changes – Municipalities must notify the Department of Revenue of any resolution or amendment enacted which changes the boundaries of the municipality. Notification shall be in written form, shall contain a copy of the resolution or amendment, and may be sent by electronic means or registered mail. Municipalities shall also provide any changes and additions to streets and addresses. (SDCL 10-52-13; See Hdbk., sec. 14.172) 

Last updated 7/11/2016
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