Riverside Technologies, Inc. (RTI) is the primary equipment provider for the municipalities that received technical infrastructure improvements through the state sponsored South Dakota Broadband Initiative (SDBI). Improvements included wired and wireless network equipment, servers, firewalls for edge security and end user devices such as computers, laptops and tablets.

The SDBI project has now closed and RTI would like to help South Dakota municipalities sustain those technical improvements and maximize their potential. Therefore, we are continuing to offer the same products and services to municipalities through a new project called ConnectSD. RTI has a long standing history with public sector, and looks forward to delivering the same level of products and services to which they are accustomed through the ConnectSD project. 

RTI and the South Dakota Municipal League have teamed up to phase into this new program that will continue the deep pricing discounts and technical services for infrastructure improvements that were previously provided to South Dakota’s municipalities. Additionally the previous municipal offerings will be expanded to include technical consulting, network evaluations and infrastructure health assessments, ongoing support services, network monitoring, equipment provisions, best practices education and long term technical planning for SDML and its member municipalities. 

- Laptops & Chromebooks
- Desktops & Workstations
- Servers
- Storage
- Access Points
- Printers

- Hard Drive Imaging
- Asset Tagging
- Google Management Console
- Chromebook Elite Services


- Embroidery
- Laser Engraving
- Decals
- Banners
- Carrying Cases & Backpacks

- Active Directory
- Wireless Assessment
- Network Assessment
- Managed IT Services
- Break-fix Services
- Green Delivery
- RTI Backup

Connect with us at:

For more information, contact RTI today:
866-804-4388 or 866-812-5370

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