SDML Software (Banyon)

The South Dakota Municipal League offers computer software especially created for municipalities. Below are just a few of its features. For more information about the software features please call 800-229-1130 or email Banyon. To order software email or call Sara at the League.



  • Quick and easy inquiries
  • South Dakota State Reports
  • Customized account code structure
  • Budget building and reporting
  • Comprehensive reports


  • South Dakota Retirement Module and reporting
  • Email payroll stub
  • 941 and Quarterly Wage Report
  • Meets government payroll requirements
  • Requirements updated yearly
  • Allows full control of your payroll
  • Direct deposit program


  • Meter Device Interface – Import and Export
  • Email utility bills to customers
  • All online payments – eCheck, Credit Card
  • Maintains accounts, meters and utility consumption
  • Usage history and past bills displayed
  • Versatile calculations and easy to use menus
  • Various bill forms and user definable reports


  • Integration with assessments, permits and licensing
  • Detailed customer and property information


  • Budgetary control
  • Various depreciation, disposals, and bar codes


Plus dozens of other add-on programs or modules are available.

Company Profile
The Company was founded in 1981. The first program designed and produced was the Basic Utility Billing program. At present, we have 30 different programs for municipalities, including various modules. Over the years we have encountered numerous types of network environments and customizations to the software, for installation and operational use.

Banyon Data’s target customer is city government and public libraries operating in a PC environment. We currently have over 1200 installations nationwide. Most of our customers are using some type of local area network and operates their computers using Windows 7 or 8 in 32 or 64 bit.

Banyon Data Systems currently has 11 full time employees, all of which are trained to support the products we offer. We also provide for unlimited, toll-free phone with the annual support fee, which is highly recommended the company does not believe in automated answering systems, so you will talk to an employee each time you call with questions.

Also our web site is used for software updates and downloads at

Banyon Data is located in the Minneapolis area in the suburb of Burnsville. Our office hours are 8 a.m. - 5:00 p.m., Central Time, Monday through Friday.

Service, Maintenance and Support
Our on-site training sessions normally consist of a one or two day on site visits for each application, basically training up to 3 people per program. We would, however, have no problem with conducting two separate sessions, one at our facility and one on site. The implementation schedule is developed between Banyon Data and the customer. We normally, upon written agreement of the purchase, will send the software immediately for the customer and they can install it or they can wait until we come for the onsite training.

Online (we use your computer to instruct you) training is also available at a lower cost.

Banyon Data does provide a data conversion procedure for new customers. The details of the conversions and which programs to be converted are up to the customer, as long as the data to be converted is in a format that allows us to determine the descriptions and layout.

As far as enhancements and added features of the software for current customers, we recognized that many of the best product enhancement ideas come from customers, and if the enhancement is beneficial to new or existing customers, it will be done at the expense of the company. Custom programming for individual customers that is unique to their installation is billable at the rate of $75.00 per hour or at a predetermined flat fee.

Banyon Data Systems recommends a business forms printing company for all your forms needs. They are Riteway Business Forms located in St. Paul MN, phone 800-842-6239 or email Kelly Faris at or fax Kelly Faris at 651-489-0323. They will help you with the setup and design of payroll and accounts payable checks, and the utility bill that you wish to use. You can, however, use a different printing company, if you wish, as long as they will design the forms to fit our software.

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