First meeting in March – The financial officer is required to make an annual report to the governing body. The report must include the receipts, expenses, and financial condition of the municipality, including the amount of funds in the treasury at the time of making the report and where and in what amounts such funds are deposited or invested. The report shall be published within thirty days or upon completion of the annual audit in the official newspaper. Immediately after the report to the governing body, the finance officer shall file a copy of the report with the Department of Legislative Audit. A thirty day extension may be granted with approval. (SDCL 9-22-21; See Hdbk., sec. 12.080) 

Not later than the third Monday in March – A copy of the assessment roll must be furnished to each requesting municipality. (SDCL 10-3-28; See Hdbk., sec. 12.105) 

Third Monday of March (Equalization meeting) The governing body and the finance officer together representing the municipality with a member of the school board are required to meet for the purpose of equalizing the assessment of property. The Equalization Board may adjourn from day to day until the process has been completed within five days. (SDCL 10-11-13, 10-11-14; See Hdbk., sec. 12.120) 

On or before the fourth Monday of March – After completing the equalization the clerk of the equalization board is required to deliver the assessment roll to the county Director of Equalization. (SDCL 10-11-21; See Hdbk., sec. 12.120) 

At least six days prior to the last Tuesday of March – The county director of equalization must publish a list of all tax exempt property in the county. This publication must be in the official newspapers of the county. (SDCL 10-4-15.1; See Hdbk., sec. 12.105) 

On or before March 31 The Urban Renewal Agency is required to file a report of its activities with the governing body. The report must include a complete financial statement for the preceding year. (SDCL 11-8-47) The Urban Renewal Agency must file a similar report with the Auditor-General on or by the same date. (SDCL 11-8-48; See Hdbk., sec. 14.200, The Urban Renewal Agency) 

April election Follow the Municipal Election Calendar for all election deadlines.

Last updated 7/11/2016
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