About the League
The South Dakota Municipal League was organized in 1934 as a nonpartisan, nonprofit association of incorporated municipalities in South Dakota.

The League's mission is the cooperative improvement of municipal government in South Dakota. A vote of the members at the annual conference determines the League's major policies. A nineteen-member governing body elected from among the members carries the responsibility of implementing these policies. A full-time executive director and staff administer the policies in their service to all members. By cooperating through the League, South Dakota municipalities provide themselves with a strong research program and an effective legislative voice.

The League's primary source of financing comes through the membership dues cities, towns, and affiliated organizations pay. The dues payments are based on population. Other League-sponsored activities and the sale of publications help generate additional revenue.

South Dakota Municipal League: Who We Are & What We Do

SDML Constitution

SDML By-Laws

SDML Board Meeting Minutes

SDML Audit Report

Statement of Policy

Last updated 4/18/2017
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